ZSK Technical Embroidery Equipment

Innovative Inspiration for Technical Applications

ZSK has been developing advanced solutions for decades – providing technical solutions for innovative projects such as carbon fiber, wiring, glass fibers and more. ZSK has been able to do so for two reasons: one – ZSK has a wide range of machines with specially developed application heads; and two – ZSK utilizes it’s technical knowledge base to find intelligent, adaptations that not only solve individual problems, but that also result in advancements in quality and productivity.
Technical Embroidery for E-Textiles
Recently the latest in embroidered E-Textiles and Technical embroidery was reviewed in Carl – The ZSK Embroidery Technology Magazine. There is something to learn for textile, electronic and mechanical engineers in this exploding field.


ZSK’s success relies on the highest level of innovation and the knowledge of its products. Creating a high quality technical textile machine requires cutting edge technology, machine precision, cost-effective production and on-going product & design innovation. All these elements result in decreasing production time and cost; and, therefore shortening delivery time and providing higher end-product quality. Ultimately, this means savings on overhead expenses and a competitive advantage for the client.

Additional features such as pneumatic clamping, reel to reel units, automatic cutting systems, and the automatic bobbin changer, make it a highly automated and productive system. Working directly from industrial sized spools is efficient – without rewinding smaller reels – and protects the materials.

The steady continuous feed of material by these sturdy spools ensures clean & tension free processing. Two materials can be fed in simultaneously, allowing cables or rovings, as the case may be, to be combined in one application. Naked antenna wires & isolated feed wires were combined to make up the RFID components in this way.

Tailored Fiber Placement
Tailored Wire Placement
Tailored Tube Laying/Placement