Precision CNC guided fiber and roving/tow placement for advanced textiles and materials. Also known as roving laying or automated fiber placement (AFP), tailored fiber placement is utilized by many industries to improve strength while reducing weight and to increase resistance to flame/heat damage, acid/alkali corrosion, UV damage, discoloration, abrasion resistance.


  • Carbon fiber
  • Glass fiber
  • Polyphenylene sulfide (PPS)
  • Hybrid fiber and mixed materials
  • Aramid/Polyamid fiber
  • Basalt fiber
  • Natural fiber
  • Optical fiber
Tailored Fiber Placement
Fast fiber laying of carbon roving for high production lightweight structures
Fiber placement is brought to the next level with our innovative technical embroidery equipment. Working with some of the largest and most diverse companies, we have built into our technical sewing equipment cost saving improvements and expanded the boundaries of fiber placement technology.