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Building On Our Reputation

ZSK Machines, a division of Notcina, is your direct source for ZSK embroidery machines in the USA. You can be assured that we have earned that distinction through the reputation we have stitched together throughout our 55+ year history–a reputation that we continue to develop.

We are one of the oldest and most respected entities in the industry, started in 1955 by the same family who operates the company today. Three generations ago the commitment to the sewing/embroidery trade began in Saint Louis, Mo. and has since evolved as the industry has evolved. Becoming principally involved with computerized embroidery machines back in the late 1970’s, we developed the first automatic functioning digitizing system in the early 1980’s, throughout the 90’s became the largest worldwide dealer for one of the most recognized machine brands today, and still possesses the most in-demand digitizing software. Today, we bring you ZSK — The World’s Best Machine – Crafted, Engineered, and Built in Germany.