Personal, Advanced, & Remote Training Offerings

With a deep history in embroidery & sewing, our specialists are here to help you.

We want to help you maximize your business’ success. By purchasing machinery from us direct, we offer personal, on-site training — one of our certified technicians will work directly with you & your machinery, optimizing your success. Depending on the machine configuration, a personal trainer will spend one or more days with you — he/she will travel to your facility to work with you (and your employees) one-on-one to cover topics such as machine operation, embroidery technique, machine maintenance, and more.

Our four-day advanced training in St. Louis teaches you much more than any other courses that are offered in our industry. We cover digitizing, embroidery technique, aftermarket attachments, specialty job techniques, as well as advanced maintenance & machine repair, and much, much more. This will enrich your education as well as turn you into an all-around better embroiderer – to help keep you more profitable, up and running faster when you run into issues, and also allows you to push your equipment to its limits (since you know it inside and out), and it’s offered to you as many times as you would like to attend. It can be transferred to anyone in your company should you bring on a new employee, too. Navigate to the events page to see our advanced training schedule.

Our staff is also equipped with the technology to offer remote, live, and online training or troubleshooting sessions. From utilizing programs such as Skype, FaceTime, GoToMeeting, and more, our specialists can help you from virtually anywhere. Just contact us and let us know your specific needs.

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