Embroidery Design Creation at Your Fingertips

Fully Automatic, Semi-Automatic & Manual Digitizing Software

The Intelligent Digitizing Software (IDS) System is the most premier industrial automatic digitizing software. The innovative IDS program allows digitizers to take pictures from a scanner or digital camera, any true type font, and digital images and turn them into stitched designs automatically.

Once a design has been automatically generated into stitches, you have the ability to change and manipulate the embroidery with IDS’ easy-to-use tools. There is no need to know any graphics program – all of the editing tools are at your fingertips in IDS. You can bring in an image directly from your scanner and clean it up with just one program! IDS works with many different embroidery machines – you can use it for multiple machines!

Features include: Fully Automatic, Semi-Automatic, and Manual Digitizing (all in one program); Unlimited Stitch Fill Creation with Specialty Stitch Types – Save any Fill Type for Future Use; Sequins Digitizing for Specialty Machinery and Garments; Automatic & Manual Gradient Shading with Shading Control – Turn One Layer or Multiple Layers into Gradient Stitching; Feather Stitching (Jagged Edges) with Custom Stitch Types; True Type Font Conversion and Pre-Digitized Fonts; Multiple Line Lettering; Small Lettering Stitch Properties; Printable Worksheets; Rotate/Resize/Reshape/Align Tools with Any Area, Object and/or Lettering; Name Drop Function for Team Names; Adjust any Artwork with Lines, Arc, & New Points, Automatic Compensation, Underlay, Density, & Tie Stitch Control; Edit Corner Tools, Stitch Length & Stitch Angle Control; Write Designs to Any Embroidery Machine; and Much, Much More!