Our inventory of Barudan embroidery machines is constantly changing. Some of the common models that we carry are included in the list below. Feel confident when you purchase a used machine from ZSK as every machine has been thoroughly tested, rebuilt and certified to meet the highest level of standards.

Common models of used Barudan machines:

  • Barudan BEDSHE ZQ C
  • Barudan BEDT ZN 101
  • Barudan BEDT ZQ 501
  • Barudan BEDYHE ZQ CO4
  • Barudan BEDYZQ
  • Barudan BENSME
  • Barudan BENT ZQ 201
  • Barudan BESR
  • Barudan BEVY
  • Barudan Elite Jr.
  • Barudan Elite Pro