To learn more about our current inventory of used Tajima embroidery machines contact one of our sales reps. Each machine is certified and has been tested and rebuilt (if needed) to make sure it meets the needs of our customers. Purchase a used machine with confidence when you work with ZSK machines.

Some of the common models of used Tajima embroidery machines include:

  • Tajima Neo
  • Tajima Neo Plus
  • Tajima TEHX
  • Tajima TEJT
  • Tajima TEMX-C
  • Tajima TFHX-IIC
  • Tajima TFMX
  • Tajima TMAR
  • Tajima TME-DC
  • Tajima TMEX-C 1501
  • Tajima TMFD
  • Tajima TMFX-C
  • Tajima TUMX