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ZSK Embroidery Equipment

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Unpacking the ZSK Sprint Embroidery Machine
Andrea from ZSK Machines (Notcina) in the US & Rene from ZSK Germany properly unpack the ZSK Sprint Embroidery Machine and it’s contents from the pallet. When receiving any large piece of equipment, make sure to inspect the packaging for any signs of damage during shipping – and, to notate the damage before the delivery service leaves.
Assembling the ZSK Embroidery Machine Sprint Stand
ZSK offers an adjustable stand for the compact style Sprint Machine. Andrea (ZSK Machines in the US / Notcina Corporation) and Rene (ZSK Germany) build the stand step by step and prepare the stand to hold the Sprint on top.
Preparing the ZSK Sprint Embroidery Machine
Rene affixes the handles (supplied in the box) onto the ZSK Sprint embroidery machine for easy installation & lifting onto the Convertible Stand.
Threading the ZSK Embroidery Machine
Rene and Andrea take you step by step on how to thread the any one of the ZSK machines from the top of the thread rack all the way down through the hole of the needle.
Installing the T8 Controller on the ZSK Sprint Embroidery Machine
Attach the T8 Controller for the ZSK Machines following these simple steps. Once the T8 is properly fixed to the embroidery machine, it’s only a matter of steps to start embroidering on garments.
Power to the Machine
Make sure to check the power requirements before plugging the machine in. This is very important so that you have the correct requirements and that nothing is damaged to the machine.
Threading the Bobbin on ZSK Machines
Not only is it important to have the top threaded, but also to correctly thread the bobbin case underneath – in the tubular arm for the ZSK embroidery machines. Andrea shows us how to thread the bobbin case area with a size L, cardboard sided, pre-wound bobbin.
Installing the Tubular Arms for the ZSK Sprint Embroidery Machine
ZSK machines are typically shipped with the cap driver mounted onto the machine’s pantograph. Andrea from Notcina Corporation explains how to remove the cap driver and attach the tubular arms step by step. In addition, she provides an explanation of the different positions that the arms can be configured in.
Hooping a Garment for the ZSK Machines
In preparation for embroidering an item, the item must be hooped (framed) with a special system that the machine can hold on to in order to do the embroidery embellishment. Andrea explains the components of a hoop, the backing (stabilizing) materials, as well as the hooping procedure. It is important to understand all aspects of hooping in order to create brilliant embroidery.
Utilizing the Hoopmaster by Midwest Products for the ZSK
Midwest Products has created a unique as well as practical hooping station in the world! In this video, Andrea, from Notcina Corporation, highlights the Hoopmaster hooping station shirt board, the freestyle arm, the mighty hoop, and the mighty hoop fixture. She explains all components of these products and also demonstrates how to achieve perfect hooping for all your garments.
Loading the ZSK Embroidery Machine with a TC design
Rene from ZSK Germany takes us through all the steps necessary to load the machine with a design created with the ZSK Transport Code (TC) – also designated with the .Z0* extension. The transport code offers many benefits in regards to loading the design including correct color input (never inputting color changes), allowing the operator to see and view all designer notes, correct thread color lists with color numbers, and more!
Loading the ZSK Sprint Embroidery Machine with a DST file
Andrea (ZSK Machines in the US) loads in an embroidery DST design file from a USB device to the T8 Controller. From loading the design to inputting the color stops, she takes you step by step through this process.
Start an Embroidery Design on the ZSK Sprint Embroidery Machine
After loading the design to the ZSK embroidery machine, the next step is to actually start the embroidery. First, align the hoop & garment, trace the design, check your settings, check the upper & lower thread, and stitch! Andrea shows you all these steps and more.
Installing the Cap Driver on the ZSK Sprint Embroidery Machine
A quick step by step video on how to remove; as well as, install the cap driver on the ZSK Machine. There are 4 thumbscrews on the driver that need to be attached (or detached) from the pantograph in order to attach (or remove) the driver. This video shows you exactly where those screws need to go.
Hooping a Cap using the ZSK Cap Gauge & Frame
Rene, from ZSK Germany, shows us step by step the correct way to hoop a hat for embroidery using the hat framing system. The ZSK Cap Gauge makes it easy to ensure proper hooping and placement. Rene also points out the adjustments that can be made for easier hooping.
Trace an Embroidery Design for a Cap on the ZSK Sprint Embroidery Machine
After the cap is hooped, Rene attaches the frame to the cap driver on the machine. Before starting the embroidery, it is very important to trace the design just to ensure there will be no problems when doing the stitch out. This also helps with making sure that the design will fit the ZSK machines embroidery area as well as proper alignment.
Adjusting the Presser Foot on the ZSK Sprint Embroidery Equipment
When embroidering on different garments, the make up of the garment can dictate changes for the machine. On the ZSK Embroidery Equipment, the user can quickly adjust the presser foot height for different fabrics. Andrea (ZSK Machines in the US – a division of Notcina) shows how we can adjust that height quickly and easily.
Embroidery Speed Settings on the ZSK Machines
In the T8 Controller, there are several controls to adjust the speed as well as limit the machinery’s speed. There are several benefits to control the speed of the machinery including needle and thread settings, special techniques and more.
Part 1 Oiling the ZSK Embroidery Machine
When running the ZSK Embroidery Machine, you will need to oil certain parts to maintain the stitch quality. Rene shows us where to oil and how often to keep the machine running smoothly.
Changing the needle on the ZSK machine
When it’s time to change your needle, you will need to use the small allen key to remove and replace the needle. Watch as Rene walks us through changing the needle on the machine.
T8 Software Updates
In order to update the T8 Controller on the ZSK Embroidery Machine, you must install the newest software. Rene takes us step by step on how to update the controller in case the controller needs an update or a reset.
Changing the Needle Plate Insert on the ZSK
When changing embroidery modes tubular / flat to cap embroidery, it is beneficial to change the needle plate insert to aid in stitching. By changing the needle plate, this can help lay the stitch down much smoother. Andrea takes us through changing that needle plate insert on the ZSK Embroidery Machine.
Installing MY ZSK Management System
Rene & Andrea take us through the appropriate steps to connect My ZSK to the ZSK Embroidery Equipment. MY ZSK allows the production manager to monitor and analyze their equipment from anywhere an internet connection is available.
ZSK Machine Networking T8 Controller Directly to Computer
This video covers the computer settings as well as the T8 Control Panel settings in order to network a ZSK machine. Be sure to connect the computer directly to the machine with a Crossover Cable.
T8 Loading A Design Via USB Device
How to load a design via usb device. Easy and simple! Another fantastic feature of the ZSK T8 unit!
T8 Basics
The new tutorial about the “ZSK T8 unit”. Here you will see and learn how to use the T8-panel! Embroidery… learning by doing! – We hope you will like it!
Loading DST into ZSK Embroidery Machine
This short tutorial shows how to load a DST file from a USB drive (plugged into the back) on the T8 Controller.
Optimization options for ZSK Machines
Change Optimization Options for DST on ZSK machine and bypass the optimization prompt.
Input Stops on ZSK Machine’s Control Panel for Applique
In this video, a 3 step applique design is brought into the T8 controller – stops are added to the machine commands in order to properly stitch the applique down.
Color to Needle Association
Make sure you needles line up with the colors that were input in the optimization screen.
How To Embroider Shoes
The next helpful tutorial: “How to embroider on shoes!” The film shows a nice embroidering design on a soccer shoe. Step by step you will see how to do – and you will learn a lot of tips and tricks about embroidering!
Hook Device Adjustment
How to exchange or adjust the hook device of a ZSK embroidery machine! An informative and useful film for every embroidery machine user
Change from Shirts to Hats on your embroidery machine
Caps and shirts have different frames to accommodate the stitching area. In order to change these frames over, you will need to change the arm mechanism to the cap driver. This video is a quick overview on how to accomplish this on the ZSK machine.
Setting up the needle origin on the ZSK with T8
Here is a quick tutorial on how to align the needle with the origin point onto the fabric you are stitching on. This shows how to change the needle position as well as changing the desired needle – in addition, this shows you tracing the design on the machine.